Thursday, May 20, 2010


Between moving, gardening, redecorating (and having Blogger blocked at work), I've been totally MIA. I've fallen in love with the house we're renting. We've had 3 or 4 BBQs/dinner parties in the almost 2 months that we've lived here. It's just a lot more fun to entertain with a back yard!

The baby is doing great. I'll be 23 weeks tomorrow. My 20 week ultrasound confirmed that we're having a boy! He was measuring a week ahead of my LMP, as he always has, and all measurements looked good. I finally have a real bump, and strangers have started asking when I'm due. Last Saturday, I felt my first kicks. I think I was feeling it before Saturday, but I wasn't sure. That day, my DH and I had our hands on my belly and we both felt it. It was amazing! It's just all finally feeling real. I'm still nervous. I still use my doppler (thank God for that thing! It has kept me sane!), but for the first time, I'm feeling like we could actually become parents in less than four months.